- DJ Cross


One of the best DJ's in Donetsk (Ukraine), DJ Cross started his career in 1997 and since then has many times confirmed his status by winning the nomination "Donetsk's BEST DJ" in 2000, 2001 and 2006 (according to MEDOFF NIGHTLIFE AWARDS). Has toured all over Ukraine. Currently resides in Rostov- on-Don (Russia). Since 2003 turned into the author and host of "MFM PARTY MIX" dance radio show on MFM-Station (one of the top FM stations in Ukraine). Was a participant of numerous music festivals: KAZANTIP (2006 through 2008), GLOBAL GATHERING UKRAINE 07 (Kiev), TRANSIT UA (Lviv), et c. In 2007, t he new duo appeared at Ukraine electronic scene: DJ Cross & Max Creative. The same year, guys released two bomb-tracks: "We Gonna Show" and "Rock This" both later becoming massive hits. The creative ideas of the duo were supported by famous Russian DJ's/producers (Groove, Swanky Tunes, Relanium, Hard Rock Sofa, Dmitry Filatov, etc) and top Ukrainian DJ's/producers (Spartaque, Slava Flash, Oleg Uris, Arbooz & Gribanov Aka Synthetic Sound System, DJ Kot).A new stage in the career began after Cross moved to Russia. His collaboration with Max Creative entitled "Don't Leave Me Now" (KAFFEIN Remix) (thought not included in the release), became the "Best House Track of 2010" on topdj.ua and was released on Luxury Trax (France). The single was supported by Ukrainian and Russian musicians (Incognet, Happy Paul, Relanium), as well as European producers (Brown Sugar, DJ Dove, Hagenaar & Albrecht, Jesse Voorn, Kid Massive, Kid Shakers, Syke'n'Sugarstarr and many others). In 2011, a new release with Happy Paul called "Behind The Sun" came out. This pack included the remixes by European artists (Angel Manuel, Dominic Dosara). Besides Cross had remixed the track of Niko De Luka "I Am A Survivor". These version got into many European compilations (Ibiza Review, Ministry Of Electro House, People From Ibiza'01, etc.) Then the label Suka Records / Luxury Trax proposed cooperation. Since then DJ Cross has done his own remixes of "B. Vivant - House Music", "Rio Dela Duna - Live!", as well as a remix of the work of Russian artists DJ Shmel, Eugene Noiz & Arrival Project - "Meduza 2011". Today DJ Cross keeps on with producing his own t racks and working wit h ot her producers and managers of the musical industry.


Big Room Sessions, Vol. 1
Young Rebels, Eddie Thoneick, Francesco Diaz, Cozi, Christian Weber, Patric La Funk, Jansson, Ethan Wood, Lokovski, Aron Scott, Bastian Foxx, Basti M, Brockman, Patrick Hagenaar, I-fan, Talkboxx, The Good Guys Feat. Alex Senna, Matt Devereaux & Michael Maze, Steven Quarre, Rod Debyser, Math Delekian, Nogales, Tom Wax, Alex Stadler, Dan Lemur, BK Duke, Nina Hall, Stephen Pickup, Rio Dela Duna, Arone Clein, John De Mark, Roger Slato, MacRoy, Sound Of Venice, Niko De Luka, Luke Tolosan, Tom Buster, DJ Cross, Happy Paul, Mick Kastenholt, Alexander Adstedt, Alexander, Houseshaker, DJ Nico, DJ Fist, The Bass Kidz, Moussa Clarke, Corey Andrew, Sums, Dave Kurtis, Avusadora, Enzo Canale, Cavin Viviano, Ruben Rivas, Manuel Baccano, Hermetic Dust, Vadim Dreamer, Vadim Latyshev, Nimi Dovrat, Oliver Lang, Jonathan Ulysses, Steve Haines, Eric Tyrell, Natasha Burnett, Oleg Di Vice, Ivan Demsoff, Cream Sound, Yuriy From Russia, Vicente Roca, Pretty Pink, Terri B!, Tom Tash, Damien N-Drix, Teo Moss, Aurel Devil, Kaysee, Rogue Elementz, Alexei, Carlos Kinn, @IT, Edhim, Trarius, Shytsee, Tim Royko, Mike Leon, Albin Myers, Jonas Sellberg, Micha Moor, Tim Royko, Rio Dela Duna, Tres Amici, Le Daan, Matt Mendez, Staffan Thorsell, The Whiteliner, Roman.k, Tom Wax, Falko Niestolik, BK Duke, Pete-R, Jozsef Keller, Maurizio Sacchi, Filip Le Frick, Dominic Dosara, Dan Lemur, Mike Duz, MBR, Twinkiller, DJ Flore, Gabryel Wolf, Cristian Poow, Manuel Baccano, Martin Villeneuve, Chris Daniel, Aron Scott, Peter Brown, Ryan Barton
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