- Peppe Nastri


Peppe Nastri is a professional Dj-Producer. He began his career in 2000. His first track was published in 2009. He has been a guest in several clubs in Italy and Europe. Currently he works in the most important clubs of Salerno and the province.He has collaborated with several Dj-Producers and singers of the "clubbing scene" (Bimbo Jones, Alex Guesta, Stefano Pain, Sara Grimaldi, Angie Brown and many others) with productions published by Italian and international labels including the legendary Tommy Boy.The love gutted for the "Sound of Trend" has led him to devote himself exclusively to the "Techno" as evidenced by his last 4 productions published by Black Square Recordings, Synchronic Recordings, Creptonit Recordings.In October of this year his fifth track will be published by Eclipse Recordings and premiered at ADE 2018 (Amsterdam Dance Events)