- Alexey Romeo


There is no perfect for perfection; there is always room for improvement. This is the way in which Alexey Romeo makes his own imprint to EDM industry and brings its rare unique change of modern dance music. Mostly famed as a true fashion symbol and delicate, honoring the studio etiquette musician he remains a full energy in his live performances as any decent artist. In the late 2012 he founds his own label Heartbeat Records, and gives a birth to its “Heartbeat” concept with the purpose to feature the unique vision of Alexey Romeo to the modern house music. In the early 2013, Alexey Romeo shots a few releases out on Heartbeat Records and gains its demand with the support from the biggest names of EDM in likes of David Guetta, Tiesto, John Dahlback, Starkillers, Sidney Samson, EDX, Paul Oakenfold, Swanky Tunes, Matisse & Sadko, MYCN and many others. The production of Alexey Romeo already spreads all over the world and makes its own gentle impact with the brand of Heartbeat Records. Less than in a half of the year, he charms the EDM industry and it won’t be unnoticed as something special approaches to the top of the industry. Collecting massive solo production alongside with remixes, mash-ups and collaborations, Alexey Romeo carefully shots out each new imprint of his production to the world to amaze itself. Enthusiasm and hardworking in studio pays back, as David Guetta premieres a new single of Alexey Romeo called “Tumbler” in 141th episode of his very own DJ MIX. There is no doubt that a new 2013 will amazingly increase the EDM influence from Alexey Romeo as a new “Heartbeat” house comes by Heartbeat Records. This chapter is just the beginning of Alexey Romeo’s sensational career.