- Gabriel Boni


At the tender age of 24, Brazilian born Gabriel Boni has been on a meteoric rise since stepping into the deep ocean of electronic music back in 1998. As head of the incredible iNminimax Records and with his skills as a DJ (recently voted one of the top DJs in Brazil) he shows no signs of slowing down.Born in Brasília – DF , Brazil , Gabriel Boni lives and makes for the e-scene since 1998. Passing throw all kind of clubs , parties and electronic music styles , he got experience and taste for produce your work with iNminimax rec. a independent label of minimal house, techno & house,and now with 2 new imprints, Sick Society and Acid Fruits, that's for sure gonna surprise the scene . Although playing professionaly just for four years , he already got your public in open parties , clubs and the most popular festivals in Brazil , being a Brazilian revelation on the e-scence with residences in D-edge,Vibe Club,5uinto and present in the best events of the country. Your technical mixes , constant grooves and defined basslines , combined with your quality sound , makes the dance floors forget everything and just, dance !!!!!Releasing on labels as Digital Delight, Akbal Music, Minibus, Nasty Funk,Acid Fruits,Inminimax and many more he was already charted by names as Tim Green, M.in, Philip Bader, Paco Osuna and many others.On this 2012 touring Mexico,Europe,Australia and much more he shows to the world all his potential.Stay tune.