- Younotus


Berlin Deephouse scene is infiltrated since Tobi and Gregor founded YOUNOT US in late 2013. Before that both of them played as solo artists for a couple of years and after long and excesssive nights in the studio together they realized their identical passion for cheerful but also melancholic Deephouse. Since then they produced their first track "Mondscheinbaden" which got over 10,000 soundcloud plays in no time. T hereby famous DJ and producer Stereo Express took notice of this young couple who immediately singned YOUNOTUS to his label and booking agency "Love Matters".Gregor and Tobi can always been found in clubs all across the nation with a breezy attitude and are able to achieve getting even the last dance grouch onto the dancefloor by playing dreamy but also danceable sound.In summer 2014 YOUNOTUS's debut EP "Sundaze" was released on Love Matter including a Stereo Express Remix.