- Mellowflex


Mellowex - the synergy With a perfectly balanced harmony consisting of a soft melodic breeze with pulsating beats, Mellowex show the world that house and techno music are at the same time vastly diverse and melodic. Clear rhythmic elements form the foundation of their music, whilst organic sounds pull you right into the depth of their sounds. This diversity makes it able to interpret the melodies they play in many ways. To truly live this art form, it’s vital for Mellowex to sometimes break up dominating club conventions. Interactivity is and will always be the centre of their music. This Munich based DJ duo is happy to call the famous Harry Klein Club their home. Besides their residency here they are responsible for scouting young and fresh talent to kill it on the decks. As part of this initiative they act as a curator for the ‘Münchner Kindl’ events, which take place once a month.