Key Commands
 - Mason


I thought it was timeFor a biog in rhyme‘Cause bio’s are boringAnd it saves writing linesI’ve been doing my thingFor the past fifteen yearsWith tracks for the radioAs well as my peersOn Boys NoizeAnd Great StuffWhile diggin’ Fool’s GoldAnd Animal LanguageWhere my own stuff is soldWith a ‘Refurb’ not ‘remix’And artwork hand-drawnI can guaranteeThis is better than pornI’ve re-worked the tracksOf the trendy and famedMoby, Roisin, AokiAnd more household namesI could make you a listThough these are so dullI’d rather you checked-outThe studio, fullOf racks and of boardsAnd of stuff electronicWhile geeking and nerdingAbout kick drums and sonicsI also play liveWith a synchronized showTaking lights, sights and soundsFrom Amsterdam to Ri-oStill needing some infoOn what I’m about?I’ll send you that long listJust give me a shout