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 - Shapeless


To be Shapeless is to be liquid, flexible and open to all range of possibilities. This is how Shapeless sounds. A stream of music in everlasting mutation, transitioning among a spectrumof insightfully thought outsounds. This is the concept that has made this duo gush out from southeast Brazil to 23 states of their own country. Shapeless has flooded all over, including some of the most known Brazilian venues, such as Green Valley—a twice #1 nightclub rated by DJ Mag—,Belvedere Beach Club, Laroc. Not to mentionthey have opened the mainstage at the internationally renowned festival Tomorrowland,and have played at the biggest Latin America underground festival Universo Paralello. Shapeless project unique style has drawn theattention of many Brazilian and overseas artists, including Alok and Vintage Culture—the two biggest DJs from Brazil according to House Mag pools—, a sort of connection that has led to a singular collaboration with each of these artists.These achievments may seem sudden but they are a result of two long carrers matched together. Both,EdsonJúnior and RômuloTsvetcoff, have started their careers in Belo Horizonte. Atthe age of 14, Edson emerged in the Electro House scene of his city, crafting his first productions at project named Future Frog. Later on, he headed up his Progressive Trance project “Lighters”. Rômulo started playing the drums when he was only 14 years old; he became a DJ at the age of 17, and has pushed forward a few projects, like Progressive Psy “Groovaholik”.Together they blended experiences, their eclectic influences and the passion for music, generating a gradient of styles through which Shapeless is expressed.