- Chasing Kurt


Chasing Kurt are Pascal Blanché, Wojtek Kutschke and Lukas Poloczek: two longtime deep house lovers, plus one rogue funk'n'soul man somehow swept up along the way.Pascal and Wojtek, both deephouse lovers for long years, started doing their first tracks but always had the need of a lovely vocal for their songs. Wojtek, himself DJ for a long time, one day played in his hometown - at the same time Lukas worked at a bar in this location and af- ter Wojteks set he was singing some phrases while closing the bar – Wojtek heard his voice and asked Lukas if he would like to jam together.'From The Inside' is their debut full length, and first release for Berlin's Suol Music institution that rolls out the troupe's Spring and Summer-facing tropes just in time for the gloomy season's thaw. Expect languid beats and hazy dancefloor- ready rhythms, matched beautifully all the while to seductive tales of love lives lost and battles fought and won, of rain and bows, woes and sorrows delivered with all the sincerity and residue of burning recollections still very much in tact. It traverses the emotive gamut with incomparable poise, sensitively balancing headiness with light, sparkly and fully floor-functioning shades to deliver a rounded, carefree dance record and an enveloping listening experience in one.