- Saison


London based house duo Saison have, over the last few years, carved out a niche of their own. They have released on some of the most respected house labels in the world, including Defected, Toolroom, Large Music, Suara and their own No Fuss imprint to name a few. The two have also remixed many titans of the scene including such musically diverse artists as Jack Back, Chez Damier, Dave Lee and Kevin Yost. With a unique sound that incorporates influences from their disparate backgrounds, Saison’s music is raw, heady and demonstrating house music at its very best. Saison’s sound is characterised by a timeless quality and firm focus on groove, deeply rooted in their formative years of music discovery. Warm chords, intricate drums and evocative soulful vocals are blended to masterful effect to create records that are easily accessible, but that also reward repeat listens due to the intricacy and sophistication of their production. For Saison, it’s about more than simply making you dance: it’s about evoking an emotion that stays with you long after the music has stopped.