- Peter Ellis


Peter Ellis a Liverpool Based Producer/DJ and Classically Trained guitarist with a wide variety of influences stemming from classical to funk to dance to hardcore! "If it sounds good, it sounds good" being the general rule of thumb.Having gained experience as to what lifts and moves a dance floor first hand, working various clubs nationwide since the late 90s, he utilizes this now in his production capacity.Although in the past, he focused on progressive genres and Trance etc., He has now found a new love for Disco and dreams of bringing it back to the masses in a contemporary and infectious way.Taking you to a very mystical place upon listening to any of his catchy productions, like those before, you're sure to be hooked also.


Soulsearcher: The New Vocal House Experience
Sugapop, Mash & Avari, Street Soul Players, Volkan Uca, Lara B., Ibizamotion, Miguel Lando, Morice Philipe, Sabrina Hahn, Andy Stead, Chrizz Morisson, Linda Rocco, Crash Club Dummies, One Second for Chill, The Coffeehouse, Sombreros del Sol, DJ Whitestar, Dana Blade, Esteban, D4NC3FL00R, Timmy D, DJ Bullskull, Tiziara, DjSchluetex, Vindicci, Funk Mafia, Mykel Mars, My Island, Simone Orrico, Palmez, Leox, Andrea Esse, Alex Phunk, Fritzbeat, Mackenstein, Ranieri, Brothers, Orffee, Zinner, Joan Alasta, House Boss, Latisha Van Simon, Dopa Amin, Double Deep, Aaron The Baron, Sanne Gutt, Rimini Jones, Dj Rockmaster B, Ibiza Groove Squad, Deep Spirit, Van Der Karsten, Michael Ruland, A Way of Being, Archbishop Sentamu Academy, White Sand, Simtronic, Makhush, Bassdevils, Mario McPherson, Iwaro, Kajjin, Lucia Ferrero, Rosy Dilettuso, Neon City Inc., V. J. Sams, Red Adair, Prominence, Vera Russo, Skaei, Taygo, Everbeat, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Free 2 Night, G-Sisters, Soul-ty, Christian Belt, DJ Party-Zan, Nika Dostur, Strandcafe, Lee & Sun, Sky And Sand, Chris Galmon, Andy Ztoned, Mauro Panello, DJ Pearl, Arteffect, Coco Basel, Tedjep Soulful House, DJ Blaine, Lane McCray, Matt Hanzi, Daniel Tuerk, Dun and Dusted, Laura, Kusho, Discomaus, Antoine Montana, DJ Bo, Rockstarzz, Vincenzo Varagone, Surisan, Night Empire, Leela D, Sword Cro, Soulful-cafe, DJ Mathon, Ridgeback, Morton, Mc Keller, Laurah, Peter Ellis, Nina Gartler, Housephonics, Regina, Alex Phunk, Derek Avari, Esteban, Disco Bros., D & J Polimeno, A Club Tunes, Randy Norton, Sean Finn, Sunshine State, JAMN-K, DJ Maraach, Claudio Ceruto, CRS, Remundo, Syntheticsax, Ural Djs, Yelhigh!, Meines7b, Dj Marauder, Dave Gate, DJ The Bass, Deejay Spock
House Place Records | 2018-09-14