- Paul Parsons


Paul Parsons AKA Bronx Cheer can boast a discography spanning over 20 years with several chart topping hits on various download platforms along with experiencing almost every angle of the dance music industry from DJing, Producing, owning and running dance music shop, selling, pressing, distributing, marketing, living and breathing dance music! Co-owner and Co-founder of Tall House, Paul has played a fundamental part in structuring several artists production careers along with pushing the boundaries of his own career.Now for a little bit of name dropping, you can expect an extremely high level of production so far picking up support from the likes of Roger Sanchez, Mark Picchiotti, Danny Tenaglia, Steve Mac, Joe T Vannelli, Mark Knight, Eric Morillo, Mark Doyle, Robert Owens, PvD, Paul Oakenfold, Kid Crème, Peter Gelderblom, Mark Knight, Toolroom Rec's, Hed Kandi and many more...Also having being spotted by Abercrombie & Fitch, so now supplying music to be played in store across the globe thus increasing popularity and awareness! This is powerful House Music mainly designed for the underground dance floors but exhibiting crossover appeal for the more “trendy” mainstream clubs!