- DaSoul


Fiorenzo D'amore aka DaSouL was born in Naples, Italy. In the 1975s , his dad used to take him to many local clubs where he worked which helped Fiorenzo developed his passion for music that later led to his DJing work. In the 1988s, he began his career as a DJ and played many gigs at southern Italian clubs and took part in various national house music events.Since 2006, DaSouL has been involved in producing his own music focusing on the soulful house market. In 2009, his track "Direction" was released on Sole Channel. Owing to the collaboration with Mr. V, DaSouL has been able to work together with Stephanie Cooke, Johnny Dangerous, Nadine Navarre or Dawn Tallman. He has his program "Le Voyage" on web radio where he presents live DJ sets and mixes.