- Claudio Tempesta


At age 12 he studies music. DJ since 1976, with the coming of DISCO MUSIC he begins to take his first steps in discos, working both as RESIDENT DJ and as only ONE NIGHT, between Emilia Romagna, Marche and Rome. He moves there in 1980 to attend the Academy of Costume and Fashion, while continuing to deal with music. He plays in clubs like MUCH MORE and more underground and avant- garde clubs of the early 80's, ranging from Disco, High Energy, Italo-Disco and New Wave.At that time he travels a lot between Rome, Florence, Paris and London moving in clubs like TABOO in London and LE BAIN DOUCHE in Paris. At the half of the 80's he meets DJ Gianni Parrini and this leads to a musical fellowship, with them working together on various events. This is the time of HOUSE MUSIC and fom then on Tempesta, always attentive to new fashions and trends, while not neglecting his own tastes, plays in the most beautiful italian Clubs as Baia Imperiale, Insomnia, Empyre, Peter Pan, Villa delle Rose. In 2008 he sets up his own record label and becomes a Producer.Among his most popular works are songs like XXX,INSIDE OUTSIDE,BIG BANG and many others, in cooperation with the DJ and Producer Lello P.Researcher, attentive to all sounds, from Lounge Music to R & B to Chill House, through House and Disco House, never forgetting his first love - Disco Music.He has worked in many clubs, just to name a few: Peter Pan,Villa delle Rose, Pascia’ (Riccione) Insomnia (Cattolica),Made in Bo,La Vie en Rose(Bologna),Skorpio,Club 83 (Urbino),Empyre (Forli),Gatto Nero (Porto S.Giorgio),New Jimmy (Riccione),Meccano’ (Firenze),Baia Imperiale (Gabicce Monte), ,Bikini (Cattolica),Crisco (Firenze),Io Street Club (Rimini),Q Club,Makkia Disco Club (Urbino), Club dei 99 (Gradara/PU)Dj Set at Baustelle Live Concert Ecc.Ecc.


Disco Balls
Andrew Tailor, Syntheticsax, Johnny Ex, Jolly Roger, Patricia Hill, Matheus Pires, Amade Landan, Bostan & Mustech, Miss Godzi, MJ, Soulful-cafe, The Smoker, Giuseppe Alicata, Maxim Novitskiy, Jean Deep, Mydca, Samuel La Manna, Batuque Eletro, DJ-T, Baccara, María Mendiola, Cristina Sevilla, Dj Territo, Ceshwegg, DJ DiscoDeluxe, Pasas de Masas, Jack Dunston, Travoltas, Soul-ty, Bonsugi, Dj German, Stereo Revision, Reskull, Lyane Leigh, 2 Shy, 4 The Cause, 6Th Element, Code K, E Sensual, Lisa Schumacher, Sqeezer, Jo Stone, Mc Duro, Glitzerfunken, Efimia, Visioneight, A-motion Source, Aleph, Tedjep Soulful House, John Spark, Real Cosmic Dogs, Tony T, Alba Kras, Sherman de Vries, DJ Combo, DJ Raphael, No Attack, Senol D, Massimo Vanoni, GTS Project, Audiolove, Groovy Boyz, Markus, Daniele Nacci, Bahia de Roses, Magic6, Gedicke, Sandra Young, Soulful Cafe Jabig, Orbion, Sync Diversity, Antonio Carannante, Kazak, Natalie Grant, Sako Isoyan, Albert Mauri, Miloud & Grimaldo, Acting Lovers, Lorenzo Esposito, Double Deep, Nadia, Jack & Jones, CK West & Co., Eva Larson, Sfrisoo, ToneArt, Petros Mitolis, Fabricio Pecanha, Juan Rodrigues, Sycamore, Pier Jaoi, Detuned Nation, F.A.R., CHS, Tom Bruessel, Jager, Pamsy, Bamboo Bimbo, Thomas Daub, Karim Le Mec, Conor Farrell, David Caruso, Bikini Beats, Sun E., D-JaR, Zoolectric, Eckhaus, Dario Piana, Melloton, Gaty Lopez, Frankie Volo, Belma, Daniele Baldelli, Tiziara, T.m.-joy, DJ Ermi, Fred Fat, AF Mood, Miss Jane, Jens Manuel, 246, Jacinta, Phil Giava, Funk Mafia, Alex Blue, Joy Max, Disco leasing, Portsquare, Dehor, Katana 03, Jam Mattia, Domes Project, Julian Mc Cain, X-Unicum, Margo Raj, Jonse, Bantunani, Volker von Mozart, Ritter Rockjo, Alex Nöthlich, Morris Jones, Kim Greene, Benjo, Andy R., Synthimental, Shesfrank, Sean Beau, Luccablue, B.Infinite, Chris Cowley, London Project, Ricky Da Dragon, Orange Beat, Alan Divall, Manu El Chino, LUV101, Rebecca Raso, Prince Ringo, Oscar Bardelli, Krizoo, Claudio Tempesta, Joedj, Ali Kiani, Ank Neacsu, Adler, City Of Lights, Daniel Creed, D.J. Allexander, D.J. Take, Errio, Jay Ko, Jayssa, Park Place, Ralvero, Dadz'n Effect, Ryan & Radu, Severiano Deejay, D.J. TonyRay, V.M.C, Max Zierke, Yvonne Fontane, Real 7, Miami Thrift Shop, Nick Cold, Maestro, Ross Alexander, Hranto, Thomas Grossmann, Miss Caramelle, A.Voltage, Robot, S.E.X.Appeal, Melofellaz, Plague, Margin, Happy Hard-On, Alan Divall, Tom Payle, Reskull, KC, Matthew Cornell, Smoking Tunes, Eddy Chrome, Irregular Disco Workers, ATB, Disco Bros., Amfree, Bad To The Bone, Sunvibez, Starlab
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