- Patrick Seeker


Patrick Seeker (Patrick Ruiz,Christophe) was born in Nimes France, raised in Spain at age 12 began to feel weak by technics and learn to mix music involved too much success in radio, at age 16 began working in the Metropolis Light nightclub in Valencia city, there began his career in nightclubs and, Amadeus, Arabesque, wiggle, Chocolate, Puzzle , Heaven, Rockola, Barraca, Friends ..In 2006 started to produce music under the names, Patrick Seeker, Chris Gee, Supaman,Mauxtik,69ers, DJ Mario Gloss, South killah, the latter.. Builds on over 50 productions and remixes in which some of them have entered the top of Beatport and have been well charted in the shop juno..also their samples and tools are the most downloaded in Beatport DJ tools, where their labels: "Elektrika Records", "Proloops" & "I Love Tools" are always in front of Beatport and the Top Ten!