- Stefan V


Stefan Vujanovic (born 26 september 1992), better known by his stage name Stefan V, is a DJ, producer and remixer from Bosnia & Herzegovina in small city of Kozarska Dubica. First touch with electronic music was in 2007. His first release, a track called “Saturday Night” was released on Phunk Junk Records (Label from Chicago). Also, he has releases on many different labels from Spain, Portugal, UK, Romania, USA, Serbia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany ...etc. Among that, he was included in lots of compilations on many different labels who released artists such as (Jerry Ropero, Stereo Palma, Josh The Funky ,Wally Lopez, Kid Massive, Chris Montana, Sebastian Gnewkow, Thomas Gold, Slin Project, Albin Myers, Peter Brown, DJ Chus, Matt Caseli, Jesse Garcia, Etienn Ozborne, Hoxtone Whores, Horny United, Incognet, Gabriel & Castellon, Inusa Dawuda, David Penn, Sebastian Ingrosso, Belocca, Dave Kurtis, Crazibiza, Sean Finn, Peter Gelderblom, Markus Binapfl, Syke'n'Sugarstar, Disfunktion, Chriss Ortega, Sebastian Krieg, Zoo Brazill, Erick Decks, Rio Dela Duna, Wawa, Patrick La Funk, Muzzaik, David Puentez, DBN, Young Rebels, Francesco Diaz, John Dahlback, Lissat & Voltaxx, Christopher S, Mike Candys, DJ PP, Sanya Shelest, Mauro Mondello, Mike Newman, Jason Chance, Dolly Rockers...).