- St Jean


Djing since middle of Nineteen , St Jean worked on underground dancefloors from Thailand to Miami ... After some experiences IN RAVE PARTY and as DJ resident in clubs in France and Morrocco , he started to collaborate with artists from different genres (singer saxo .psychedelic ... )This is how St Jean came to production.He got his first release in 2007 and as the hardworkers he released tons of EP, Singles and Remixes for different labels like TRAX RECORDS for the most important and other underground label DAIYUME rec , CHICAGO TRAX ,Saphir rec ,TechHead , Sa trincha / Baccara / homes arts music .....and more ...and also release on several physical compilation (cd ) the kids want techno & tech house germany ) or with digital worldwide compilation .Things got bigger in 2009 with the creation of STEREOFLY RECORDS , his own Music Label where he can use his huge experience to publish and collaborate with talented producers in differents style ..