- Vasco C


Vasil Tsvyatkov a.k.a. DJ Vasco C is an essential part of E- booking Dj Agency, which specialising in promoting local and foreign DJs and distributing some of the best music you can find in Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe. Vasil, also known under his artistic pseudonym Vasco C, is one the most prominent names you can discover in The Agency’s catalogue. He is a Plovdiv-born and bred DJ. A reputable and respected name in his local scene. Vasco is not a person who will easily satisfy with only a local piece of glory, that’s why you can enjoy his music in any other big city in Bulgaria. The music that Vasco C plays grades from slight warm up nu-disco, deep house, mixed with familiar melodies from the 80’s and the 90’s to mind-blowing tech sound with analog touch in it. He is a DJ who knows how to manipulate any crowd, how to ease them or lifted them up, he is the one to keep the party going and rock the house down. He is a highly decorated artist with his most recent award being - best house dj south BG – National DJ Competition "Bobby I" 2008. His music is also part of many famous music compilations. Vasco’s radiant talent is evident in every piece he creates. Being a versatile, prolific and potent DJ , his creativity is astonishing and admirable, he is always working on something in his constant strive to enrich his musical portfolio.