- FDF (Italy)


Francesco Di Feo aka FDF (Italy) is born in Rome, he is co owner of Shared Rec with his huge friends Pietro Baratti and Corrado Cocco.
Right now FDF produce music for some awesome lables like Juiced Music, Hot Bit and obviously Shared Rec. He reached and climbed top 100 Jackin House very very often, every release is always full of huge support.
In the past he also had tracks out on some very huge lables like Toolroom, Enormous, D-Vine, Ego and many more. Right now with his friend and brother Pietro Baratti is a member of the great duo Frank & Peter that is hitting hard Jackin House scene.
Also if the project of Frank & peter is so new, they are doing already a great job inspired by the great funky music. Deep soul, strong beats, classy melodies and funky heart......this is what FDF brings you.