- Sergio Parrado


Because of his very personal style with no taboo and mixing whatever he wants with style and technique, no cabin can resist him. In his sets you can listen from slight touches to the most fashionable minimal and even breaks, pop, trance, electro,tech-house, EBM with a very marked, constant and evolutive beat. Thanks to all this, he was able to playin almost all the national territory and he can be seen in places likeLa Real.Fm, Whillpoorwill, Piles(Asturias),Van-Vas, Soma, Yasta, Naru(Madrid), Moon, Keros (Leon), Dolce Vita (Almeria), In (Ciudad Real),Leix, Zentraus, Voltech, Fellini (Barcelona), Friends (Valencia),Futura (Lugo) Beatz, Submarino (Salamanca), Pravda (Vitoria), Kandela(S.Sebastian) and so on. Festivals: klubbers day (Madrid),WMC(Mami),Techfest(Chile)... In 2003 he started searching other fieldslike production or Radio dj (Cadena 100/La Era del Ritmo) or Mortal Fm(Superclub). His first visits abroad begun and his sets can be listenedin places like Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Belgica or EE.UU. Nowadays mylittledog has just come out. It is his most personal work, always focussing on the dance floor.Today is one of the label, with more international projection. His records are played by artists such as Ricardo Villallobos,Luciano,Marco Carola, LocoDice, Dubfire, Brothers Vibe,Dj Sneak and etc..Its artists include: Edu Imbernon, Kasper, Jeff Bennett, Marco Effe, Alejandro Vivanco, David Herrero, Oscar Barila, Deep Dusk,Gennaro Mastrantonio,Javi Bora,Fran Alberola,Ugur Project... and of course Sergio Parrado