- TacoMan


A simple recipe, something crunchy, bass, drums, enchiladas, and some spicy is the perfect formula to define this artist. vinaigrette in the oven, their sticks revolutionize the world of music.Jazz, Funk and Soul are their guns to flood the dance floor. Andrea Saenz known and very distinguished in many projects such as;Da'Others show to the electonic world his latest project called Tacomam, Why Tacoman? Andrea says "I think it was the perfect seasoning for current scene. Music with a little fun and energetic Basslines, perhaps one of the many reasons that its atypical personality in front of the public, a charismatic person who is always in contact with those people around him, his energy and great personality is always going into each track, on each tour and dates his music is hailed by experts and fans of the medium. This would only be a small Introduction to what is actually being built day by day in a small studio in the city of Medellín, which are developed ideas by Andrea and colleagues (ings Sound, Arrangers, drummers etc) is hard work as a team day after day, probably is one of the reasons that consolidate this character as one of the largest in the global scene