- Lino Loud


Born and based in Zürich Swizerland.
Since yang age He loved House Music and thanks to that passion He decided to take the DJ’s road.
In 1994 He went to a street market to sale anything he could to take all the money to buy his first turntables and 2 channels mixer. Today he’s love and passion is Tech House music with pumping grooves and warm base line. He’s part of the duo - Old Fat Jacko and now started his own productions and different collaborations with other producers. Lino as proudly played in Clubs like ; Hive - Zürich , Spacemoki - Zürich , Friedas Büxe - Zürich , Ambos Rampe -Zürich , Club Schlaflos - Aarau , Kornhaus - Winterthur , Maskik rec Showcase - Club 333 - London , Fura - Brescia , Mazoom / Le Plasir - Brescia Labels ;
Lemon Juice Records , Zone 3 , House Pacific Records , Groovematcs , Kontor Records , Play my Track Recording , Erijo , Van Czar Series