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 - Moreno Pezzolato


Everything began in 1986 when at only 16 years old he realizes that he was going to the club just to watch the Djs to play all night long. From that moment he becomes "house-addicted" and started playing in some small clubs in Italy, after a while he becomes very famous for his eclectic personality and his music always energetic and classy ad the same time. Than he decided to produce is own music starting his own labels, he was so prolific that he has to open other six labels in just one year CLUBS Around the world: Space (Ibiza) Km (Benidorm) Ministry of Sound Vertigo Candem Palace (Syncopate Party London) Pipe's (London) Vilt Trilti Villi (Rejkiavyk) Promised Land (Slovenia) Ambassada Gavioli (Slo) In Italy: Muretto (Jesolo) Echoes , Peter Pan , Pacha, Villa delle Rose (Riccione) Mazoom (Sirmione) Alterego (Verona) Atlantique (Milano) Fluid (Bergamo) and the list is almost endless It boasts artistic collaboration of international talent such as: Carl Cox, Claudio Coccoluto, Lil Louis , Little Louie Vega, Oscar G & Ralph Falcon , David Morales , Roger Sanchez, Victor Simonelli, Tony Humpries..... He works also with the Oxid Records remixing important voices like Jocelyn Brown - Believe, Maw Feat India – To be in Love, 95 North – The request, and many others. Two productions of relevant importance are "Kill That Sound" and "Love the Future" that are part of his self-production (MOP).