- Pako Ramirez


Dj from the decade of the 90 Dj Sombra in those times, back in 1994 began his career as a discjockey in a hall in Cordoba called Gran Velvet, then going through many rooms: Marathon, Gemini, Tatos, Cocobongo, Guarana, Orange , Guggen Cups & Music, Discolata, etc. He also went through different cabins along his route such as Joker Queen, Kiu, Sala Boss, Mosaiko, Llyo, Palms, Holiday, Passarela, El Cortijo, Rolex, Fuxion, and many others.Their styles have been changing adapting to the trends, from the dance of the 90s to the current house, going through breakbeat, techno, electro, etc. Its more than 22 years of experience endorses and make this Dj a professional in the world of the night.Resident in the Costa del Sol since 2015, in 2017 he started in the world of production doing some projects such as Thunder, Dangerous, Prelude, I Was Wrong, Take That, Acid Tech Suite, How Much I Feel, See It Throug My Eyes, I Want your soul or Honey. Today he continues his career in the world of production making new works with better results every day