- Rupert Harvey


Rupert Harvey was born in a musical family. Rockabilly, blues and all the good music people made in the 60’s were never far away. When puberty kicked in he discovered hiphop. Icons like the Wu Tang, Dre, De La Soul and Biggie formed the base of his still growing vinyl collection. Rupert Harvey today is a mix of 10 years discovering music in different genres and combining all their best elements. A Rupert Harvey set combines a tight running bass that never stops nor trembles. A little hint of retro here and there to spice up the smooth sound of techno and techhouse. And not to forget a good vocal to tribute his love for hiphop. In 2013 he and JLN started their own party called Nachtwacht to bring quality music and artists to Belgium. Harvey started working in the studio with former recordshop owner Crack and Crunch. They released a remix together for punk’id records begin 2013. In the summer of 2013 other releases are coming on Hit By A Truck Records and Punk'Id records. And this is just the beginning…