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 - Daniel Lera


Daniel Lera is a Dj & Composer born in San Sebastian (Spain) in 1985. He started his adventure in 2004 when he bought some turntables and his first vinyls, since then he's never abandoned them and has been evolving and learning to become what he is today, a versatile Dj with a wide trayectory in the electronic music world, in which he has been for 10 years now, and so do his performances tell. The word that defines his sets is 'Groove', as they always cover several styles, marked by a maxima: rythm and audience's enjoyment.Years later he understood that, in his opinion, the world of Dj's is limited, not for this he's given up, and, what he really likes is the musical composing in which he can put all his ideas and imagination.Listening to Daniel Lera's perfomances and productions means to enjoy the music to it's last detail. His bet for quality has always been evident, letting himself to be influenced by the best, not just from the techno genre as he also loves minimal, deep, house...


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