- Jiggy (IT)


Jiggy (IT) Be Water lifestyle. This lifestyle as well as his logo are the result of many years of experience and insight. This idea is rooted in yoga and spirituality which both play an important part in his life and so in his music. According to his career let’s start in 2008 when he changes his place from the dance floor as a clubber to the turntable to become the guide of the night instead of a sympathizer of the crowd. From now on he starts to create his own unique style of music.During 8 years he lives in Ibiza. To describe this period in his own words: „This magic island opens everything in my life. It changes me, it let me grow up mentally and give me the name „JIGGY“. It let me understand myself and find out who I am. It was for me the best experience in my life and I am happy to have had the opportunity to make these insights about my life.“ On this spiritual and magic island he gets a huge inspiration of music from artists like Sven Väth, Luciano, Marco Carola, Loco Dice as well as from the amazing monday sessions at Cocoon in Amnesia. After lots of successful goings in the small clubs of Ibiza, he has his breakdown in 2012 playing in the clubs like Space, Privilege, Sankeys ( as Resident), Underground, Bora Bora and weekly show at Ibiza Global Radio. From 2010 - 2015 he is the resident DJ at the REBELS Boatpartys. For all that, you just have to meet the man Jiggy (IT) behind the decks to really get it. He picks up a crowd and takes them to the world of his unique water sound. At a JIGGY (IT) gig you are in a performance with no one knowing quite what is going to happen. His music brings you in a meditative status. Be Water and you get to the next level.