- Lady Sage


In her early teens Savanna aka Lady Sage became inspired by the local music scene in downtown Boulder Colorado.At the time live rock and reggae bands were playing in warehouses, underground raves were going full throttle and house music was everywhere. With so much musical influence surrounding her all she wanted to do was to be a part of it.After attending her first rave she felt at home with the vibe of the bass and the connection to the crowd. Before deciding to become a dj she was an avid viola player in the local City Orchestra. When Savanna was 17 she began to study music production with programs such as Fruity Loops and Ableton live. In high school she was also involved in an after school music program that focused on pro-tools and recording of fellow students mainly hip hop, mc'ing and beat boxing. In 2010 she enrolled at Full Sail University for her bachelors in Music Production. Now graduated and with much knowledge under her belt the only way for her is up. In January 2013 she signed with Nuphonic Rhythm a music label formed by Soul Puncherz and is currently releasing music on the label. Lady Sage is also the owner of a production company "Sound Level Music" with her Partner Dj Lowa.