- Astrid Suryanto


Astrid Suryanto’s mystique is undeniable. Born in Sumatra, Indonesia to parents of Indian and Chinese descent, she has been writing and performing music since the age of five. Though her exotic beauty is rarely seen outside the studio, it is her siren-like voice and diverse but cohesive productions and styles that have attracted the attention of an equally diverse group of legendary artists and DJ’s such as Victor Calderone, DJ Yellow, Fischerspooner, John Digweed, Todd Terry, King Britt and Satoshi Tomiie, to name a few. T he common thread that unites her body of work is a beautiful and melodic hauntingness that comes from a place of Love and spirituality, vulnerability, and an underlying subtle sense of danger that dares you to come hither. It is these different and contradictory elements existing together that provide the unforgettable layered complexity throughout her work.

Top 10 Tracks

2019/06/03 - 2020/06/01