- Fabricio Pecanha


Hailing from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul in SouthernBrazil, Fabrício Peçanha has secured himself the accoladeof one of Brazil’s biggest DJs and is now primed to developan already burgeoning reputation across the rest of theglobe.His Beatport-bestselling productions are more than goodenough to make him a serious contender within the top rankof global DJ/ producers, with vibes ranging from grimyheads- down warehouse jackers, to pristine, upliftingdeepness and bouncy bass-driven rollers.Killer tracks by Fabrício take in several forms ofunderground house music, from tech, deep, acid, vocal, tomore funk-driven classic US style sounds, with the bloodpumping though each vein being consistently deftproduction and stealthy effectiveness on the dancefloor.Supporters of his music are far reaching across a spectrumof big names, including Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, WallyLopez, Umek, Cristian Varela, Joyce Muniz, Volkoder, Tale OfUs, Format B, Sierra Sam, Ben Weber, Axel Eilers, Kruse &Nuernberg.Sasse, Namito, Martin Eyerer, Wehbba, Rainer Weichhold,Robert Babicz, Phonique and Namito have not only playedPeçanha’s music out, but also remixed his work, with thelatter two also collaborating with him in the studio.If this stellar list of jocks isn’t testament enough to thecalibre and credibility of his music, the labels he’s releasedon ads yet more clout. With ‘Panic Attack’ already out oniconic NY imprint King Street and another EP pencilled withthem for November, Fabricio finds himself on an esteemedroster that has been home to Louie Vega, David Morales, LilLouis, Tony Humphries, Ron Trent, DJ Pierre and KerriChandler.‘I Want You’ and ‘Silver Lining’ - both released on Berlin’sMoodmusic Records - saw Peçanha in equally impressivecompany, with the label also releasing tracks by HenrikSchwarz, DJ T, Mugwump, Common Factor and Sasse.Other imprints worldwide to release music by Fabrício are LoKik, Vintage Music, Sex Panda White, Indiana Tones, D2Records, T he Factoria, Ladies & Gentleman, Formatik,Elements Digital, Definition, Factomania, Audiobuzz, RemudRecords, Urbr and Jah Love. Fabrício’s mastery in the studio is matched by his skills as aDJ. He has wowed crowds on world-leading floors likeCocoon in Frankfurt, Avalon in Los Angeles, DC10, Amnesiaand Space in Ibiza, not to mention gigs in the US,Switzerland, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Switzerland Englandand China - where he was the first Brazilian DJ ever to play.At home Peçanha has legions of devoted fans who regularlyand rapturously enjoy his sets at the biggest Brazilianparties. He was one of the few residents at Warung - a clubthat’s regularly referred to as one of the best in the world.Other huge Latin-country-based clubs, raves and festivalsto have been lifted by his presence include MegAvonts,Parada da Paz (São Paulo), Rio Parade (Rio de Janeiro)Recife Beats, SWU, Planeta Atlântida, Fulltronic, GreenValley festival, Mixmag’s Brazilian party, Tribaltech, SkolSensation, and every single Skol Beats - which isrecognised as Brazil’s most important electronic musicfestival.In Argentina, Fabricio was the first Brazilian to DJ atCreamfields. He rocked the Buenos Aires Energy Paradecrowd of more than 150,000 people and headlined thebiggest electronic music event in Latin America - the AcaWorld Sound Festival in Acapulco, which was attended by300,000.Fabrício opened for Lady Gaga, Madonna and Fat Boy Slimduring their respective tours of Brazil, whilst other DJs hehas shared bills with include Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox,Danny Tenaglia, David Morales, Jamie Jones, Solumun,Justice, Sven Vath, Little Louie Vega, John Digweed, DeepDish, Ritchie Hawtin, Green Velvet, Derrick May, Dave Clarke,Hernan Cattaneo, Circulation and Armin Van Burren.As well as being a leading emissary for house and techno inBrazil, Fabrício was instrumental in the development of thecountry’s embryonic scene. He played at and organised theFulltronic parties In Porto Alegre and founded the nowfolkloric club Spin, in the state capital. Fabrício is one of just a few Brazilian’s to feature in DJMagazine’s ‘Top 100 DJs’ list, ranking at 242, with 123,933votes from voters in 150 countries.Other accolades include wining ‘Best DJ’ in Brazilianpublications House Mag and Cool Magazine’s yearly liststwice and six times respectively, whilst Leading Brazilianclubbing site Fly By Night awarded Fabricio ‘Best DJ 2012’.His dedicated work ethic is matched by a consistent releaseschedule. With more winter 2014 and 2015 releases to beannounced imminently.From his origins a pioneer in developing dance music inBrazil, to becoming not only ahomegrown star, but one of greatest DJs in South America,Fabrício Peçanha has achieved a lot, but it’s only thebeginning. Expect global recognition to be just around thecorner.


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