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 - Kinree


Kinree is nearly the most productive Ukrainian producer, whose numerous releasessound on dance floors worldwide and hit the international club charts.The first big success has come to Andrew after the collaboration with Sharam Jey. Their joint«Shot me Down» single was released on Bunny Tiger label!Kinree made several dancefloor killers (including releases with Chad Tyson) and was supportedby Kolombo and his LouLou Records as well as Sleazy G imprint.However, today Andrew moves further, expanding creativity borders and enriching his soundwith new tones in infinitely wide range of House music sound. The powerful push in his careerwas the work with Dave Davis and their "Century" superhit.The track became one of thebrightest summer dancing singles and got approval of Kinree's fans and famous colleagues.The single's success was repeated by second collaboration Kinree and Sharam Jey. Their "HotEnjoys" has been keeping high positions in TOP 100 Beatport in Indie Dance category forseveral weeks.Kinree is not only good as a music maker, but also as a DJ and live performer, that differs himfrom most of young producers. He is able to make best party ever. Andrew's sets are alwaysvarious and unpredictable. It includes exclusive author's material, unpublished tracks, edits andthe best of world electronic music. All this without any doubt makes Kinree a world-classprofessional.