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Kinree is talented DJ and producer from Kiev, who is one of the most prominent representatives of the new Ukrainian house music wave. The artist describes his sound with the trendy 'G House' term, where capital 'G' is not only hidden point of your personal pleasure from the bass, but also it’s an abbreviation of Gangsta with all its accompanying associations: old school hip-hop 80s, powerful deep bass and funky groove.«It’s time for returning house music to real men, until it has happened the same as to hip-hop» - says MC in one of the new trend’s track. In today’s dance music there is nothing cooler than Jesse Perez,Amine Edge or Miguel Puente releases.And Kinree stands confidently on the same level. With each new track he becomes closer to the pantheon of the best.Sharam Jey, famous German producer, released dancefloor- killer «Shot Me Down» in common with Kinree. It took high position on Beatport chart. And obviously, it was just a beginning. Paul Harris of Dirty Vegas and Kolombo appreciate his producer talent. In turn, Kinree calls Bunny Tiger label among the favorites, along with LouLou Records, CUFF, Off Recordings, Sleazy Deep / Sleazy G.Kinree has not only huge dj and live acts experience, but also he is a talented musicmaker and a brilliant artist, who can makes each party hot. T hat favourably differ him from most young producers. His sets are always diverse and unpredictable. Exclusive author's material, lots of unreleased tracks, edits and best from the world electronic – all it says that in front of you is a world-class professional.