- Tyrone B Nelson


TYRONE B NELSON alias Tyrone Nelson Baggenstos 1982 is a Filipino/Swiss electronic music DJ and producer, born and grown up in Zurich Switzerland.Tyrone started deejaying in the early 90`s and played as a resident every Fridays at the School club in Town. As a small `hip hop` kid he experiment with all kinds of music styles. After a while he visited Techno/Rave parties. Soon he became a part of the scene and started listening to House-Beats. House music became his big love at the end.Today Tyrone plays in Line-Up`s with Dj`s like: Darius Syrossian, Mike Väth, Mihalis Safras, Jey Kurmis, Emanuele Inglese, Gianni Callipari, Emanuele Corsanico, Pazkal, LJ Guru, Andrew, Marvin J, Boran Ece, Mäx Varano, Mr.Gate, Tatana, Anna, Tanja La Croix, Styro 2000, Intresst and Louis, Vanita, Frau Hug, George Lamell, Juzz, Nici Faerber, FEM, Dario La Mazza, Fabri, Murciano, Tony Davis, Kos, Cosidee, Pat Nightingale, Deyan, Lino Loud, Luca Fiorelli, Berlin Jung, Bynomic, Puuwai, Pedro Polido, Carmine Faella, Jacom, Betolicious, Louis Brown, Mr Mary, Valea, Dani Fabrega, Yves Bonjour, Feinschmecker, Mauro Villareale, Onory, DGRZ, and many more..