- Sione (SP)


Sione (SP) is one of the aka "LAAF" and its history started from a young age about 90/2000 alwaysinterested in electronic music club and passionate about Techno and TechHouse, born in Spainand resident of Alicante, Sione (SP) has performed in different venues like Central Rock, Mansion,Buda, Sunnoise, Katamaran and more .. and festivals like Spring Festival and very influenced bythe music of Ibiza, Sione (SP) decides to enter more into the world of music Making his ownproductions for labels such as Awen, Black turttle, Dakside digital, Over records, Haliaeetus,Uranobeat, Culturebeats, Sustain Music, A100 records, Totum music, Taish, wanna dance, atopicand more, and also shared booth with national and international artists . The new aka from Sione(SP) goes more focused to more powerful sounds, melodies, vocals and synths more catchy andalways focused on techno and TechHouse more serious and elegant. Sione (SP) is in full evolutionand wants to make a name with this aka on the scene.