- Trockensaft


TrockenSaft to date taken a worthy place in the music world with his creative, charismatic, interesting, individual and always high quality sound. He can boast of some impressive achievements in the industry for making a variety of house and techno music and being recognized by a whole lot of truly big names of the scene. His sound, while remaining very distinct and sophisticated to some, surely reaches everyone. TrockenSaft - is also a proud owner of “KDB Records”, which is located in Berlin and, accordingly, is Deep / Tech / Techno oriented. In this studio Pavel generated his ideas, composing thousands of sounds into moving and quirky music. This is where TrockenSaft was born. Inspired by new ideas, Pavel managed to create some striking compositions in a very short time, which often get to Tops and Charts. Among the remixes of his tracks you’ll nd such projects as: Butch/Martin Eyerer/Kaiser Disco/Soul Button/The White Shadow/Rafael Cerato/ Redondo/ Luigi Rocca / Kiko / Nick Devon... Nova day TrockenSaft has more than 200 releases, one solo-album WittyTunes and 8 vinyl EP under his belt at: KDB / Witty Tunes / BlaBla/303 Lovers/Lapsus Music/Smiley Fingers/Traum/Lou Lou/Sleazy Deep/Time Has Changed/Dear Deer. Pavel is sure to be alive and keeps on developing, creating a new future using past experience, which perfectly ts the motto of the project: Good sound is out of time...