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Dj BOZA Boza (Born 1972) has been involved in house since the early 80's, His unique brand of style and music selection keeps dance floors packed and full of the positive energy needed to piece together the most important aspect of your event. From a young age his talent has been recognized thru top underground house clubs of the 80's to the 90's in Toronto. This was an important step in the success of his career, because it was at those clubs that respect was handed to him at a young age. Moving forward from this Boza was offered residence at the legendary club "Inside" owned by basketball super star Vince Carter, where Boza played for celebrities like Paris Hilton, Shaq, Justin Timberlake and many more. Boza also moved on to play super clubs like The Government and The Docks (Canada). The much anticipated "She's Looking Good" release by Boza, was embraced int ernat ionally and t ook over radio waves across globe. The success of "She's Looking Good" won BOZA a Juno Award Nomination in 2006 (Grammy equivalence). Boza started to remix talents thru mega labels like Sony-BMG and Universal Canada, remixing great names before there time like Blackeye Pea's and Justin timberlake just a few. These tracks were played inthe global underground scene by top djs, and were deemed must have exclusives. A release called "Sunday Morning" by Boza at that moment was being dropped in Ibiza by Axwell (Swidish House Mafia), and many of Boza's other releases being remixed by Alex Celler ("Twisted Mind"_Boza) and Mastiksoul ("My Big Thing" _ Boza) becoming international club smashers! BOZA set off to Europe for three years where he once again amazed his root country of Macedonia, by creating the worlds first every ethnic remix album named "Ethnicity" featuring "Synthesis" Orchestra. This album is known as one of the biggest albums to come out of the bulkans eastern Europe. His collaboration with "Synthesis" was a huge success where a 30 piece Orchestra met the intense sound waves of Dj BOZA! The album was a success and is currently emerging in the clubs of Eastern Europe at a quick pace. At the same time Boza had gotten great support by legend Roger Sanchez, signing Boza's release "We Stomp" to his May 2009 CD "Release yourself vol. 8" on Stealth Records. Boza also remixed the S-mans great hit "Another Chance" exclusivly. While still getting great support from on Release Yourself Boza moved on to have tracks signed on the Pacha Ibiza Summer Cd and signing tracks to Vendetta Records. While Boza consistently produces international BIG tunes to be supported by colleagues like Axwell, Roger Sanchez, Alex Celler, Mastiksoul and more. Boza's name will only be get t ing bigger as his agenda and product ion grows, the best of Boza is yet to come.