- Lunar Disco


LUNAR DISCO, a cosmic love letter written in deep sound, connecting souls together in an ethereal experience.
LUNAR DISCO is the sound of a desert heartbeat; an intergalactic trip to space; a disco filled with best friends, new and old. Part parisian house, part collection of sounds from around the world, it’s music for lovers, best friends, and Moon People looking to share the dance floor. 
As the love child of French DJ Nicolas Blistene and Australian singer-songwriter Kate Elsworth, LUNAR DISCO is a global music project that’s already caught the attention of several major record labels in that world, from Abracadabra Records to Berlin- based Katermukke to Pipe & Pochet in LA. Partners in music and in life, Nic & Kate met in Ibiza. They quickly realized Nic’s playful, unexpected DJ style perfectly complemented Kate’s soulful vocals, launching LUNAR DISCO into space — and beyond. Based half in sun-baked Australia and half in the cosmopolitan cities of Europe, LUNAR DISCO is music created from sounds Nic & Kate love, from using popular throwbacks in entirely new ways to incorporating samples captured in a late-night Bali market. Along with playing alongside major names like Sven Vath, Lee Burridge, Solomun and Bedouin, they’re resident DJs of AUM, a legendary party/music experience. Nic & Kate care most about immersing themselves in the world & cultures around them to bring a truly unique sound that transcends genres from deep house to electronica.