- dOP


These three arguments are the best words to describe the new band project dOP which was created by Clement Aichelbaum, Damien Vandesande and Jonathan Illel. All three were born in 1980 and know each other for over 20 years now. The first music project they did together was a rock ́n ́roll cover band for the “France MusicDay” in 1994. Afterwards the guys made many experiences in different music styles like hip- hop, jazz and reggae, and also started different band projects.A special preference of the three guys is their love for collecting instruments such as flutes, horns, percussions, glockenspiele, saxophones and many more. Mostly they are together in the studio and work in a very collective way. This is also a very big tick for the amenity between them, because most of the time they do all things together. Illness is also no reason for staying not together!This is also why their tracks are always different like their feelings and frame of mind. The same applies to singer Jonathan Illel with his lyrics. For the French band it ́s very essential and traditional to speak about experiences, moments, past or future – dOP always is trying to give a message!Also a further passion by the three boys is to work in cooperations with friends like Nôze, Aquarius Heaven, Cat ́z n ́Dogz, Sety, Dave Aju, Khan, Guy Gerber, DJ Koze, Wareika, Guillaume & the Cotu Dumonts, Tiefschwarz, Mathias Kaden, or in projects like Enliven dOP Acoustics (Enliven Deep Acoustics) from North Thuringia, Germany, or as Armaberokay with friends from Kassel, Germany.Actually they are playing all over the globe, so don’t miss them on stage and enjoy their show to get your own view if their music is dOP!