- ArtLec


The young ArtLec needs no introduction any more. He proofed already several times his capability of delivering dreamy deep house music on the highest quality level and made some serious noise with his beautiful unique deep house sound. His distinctive way of playing the piano brought him onto the map of some of the biggest DJ’s from all over the world. ArtLec‘s profilic string of singles and EP’s began in 2017. His first release “White Bay” caused big attention in the electronic music scene and became part of the official Spotify playlist of Tomorrowland. In the following he dropped some unique deep house EP’s which constantely made it to the highest rankings on Beatport & iTunes. He proofed to understand the zeitgeist and that he’s able to capture it and work into deep and top notch productions. Sensitive vocal tracks, dreamy drops with wonderfully composed and arranged piano licks, punchy low-end base lines, or- ganic soundscapes and on point beat patterns are the signature of his sound and leave an spectactular impact on the listener on outdoor festivals as well as in clubs.