- Don Gianni


Born on November the 16th, in the city of Neuchâtel, Gianni has always been passionate about music. No matter if it was rock, rap or any other styles, but music has always been part of his life. As a youngster in the 90’s, he already bought Disco, Techno and Trance CDs. Years later, his passion for music still being on the rise, he decides to start mixing and follow the path of DJing. Before that, it was while playing electric guitar that he found he didn’t only want to “listen” to music but actually “play” it. After widening his horizon, by discovering many other music styles, such as House music, his desire became much stronger and he started mixing. It’s with the members of the NFM Records label that he took the leap. Surrounded by a lot of experimented DJs, he learned all about the art of mix with them.