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He is one of the guys from the upcoming deephouse and nudisco scene whose tracks are giving pleasure to a growing fan base. His tracks and dj-sets are a mixture of uplifting techhouse and groovy deephouse/nudisco. In the past, a bootleg of Asaf Avidan’s “Maybe you are” brought him reputation on the dancefloor and also on the social web with some million views. But one should not make the mistake to reduce him to this bootleg. Rather, he recently published his first two singles “Rollin’ Flies” and “Walk Along” on “WePLAY”. Besides he did a remix for Tegan & Sara which was released on “Warner Music and the UK X-Factor winner James Arthur on “Sony Music UK”. In the past years he played many club shows in Germany and Austria as wells as big festivals such as “SonneMondSterne (GER)”, “Sputnik Spring Break (GER)”, “Ruhr in Love (GER)” and “Beatpatrol (AT)”.


Celebrate the Summer, Vol. 2
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Pulsive | 2017-09-29