- Da Fresh


Traditional course of a young man who grew in the eighties... Born in a small french provincial town, middle class music lovers family, big brother as teacher and dealer of good sounds, Arnaud (his real surname) will quickly combine a passion for the music with an immoderate taste for computers and music machines. Afterwards attempts of rock band quickly fallen through, strong of the traditional high-school pupil inuences of the time (The Cure, Anne Clark, Depeche Mode...), the young man will succumb very quickly to the french touch success in the nineties. Fascinated by the "Homework" of Daft Punk or the "Pansoul" of Motorbass, then student in an art school, it's under the name of Da Fresh that he will begin the rst tentatives of solo composition. Determined and hard worker, he will produce quickly the titles which will launch him on the international electronic music scene : his rst album "Supa Feeling" released in 2002 on the Lyon based label Weaked Records will receive excellent criticisms, the hit "Fuckin Track" will make the remainder... Then he will be divided between a full-time job of DJ, while keeping a real knowledge of producer and remixer. Oriented to originality and effectiveness : he always continues with a lot of tracks and remixes for great labels such as Toolroom, 1605, Suara, Denitive, BluFin, Deeperfect... And create his own label Freshin Records. Few major hits: Few major hits: All Nite Long (2000), Fuckin Track (2002), Broken Dream (2005), Spaghetti Groove (2006), Tattoo (2007), Age Of Love (2008), Yesterday (2009), Right On Time (2010), Once Again (2010), Limoncello (2011), That Body (2011), Lucky Number (2012), Jack Your Body (2013), Da Loop (2013), Easy (2014), Hello (2015), Singleness (2018), Maybe (2018), Goosebumps (2019)...