- Timao


TIM BUSCH aka TIMAOBorn on the 18th May 1977, from Herford / Germany. 1996 his first contact with elektronic Music was due to frequent visits to his favorite Club, Stammheim / Aufschwung Ost in Kassel, he developed a predilection for minimalistic, house influenced electronical Music. Soon he aquired his own turntables and he thought himself how to mix tracks together, his love for Techno emerged. He began mixing on private partys, later he got gigs in several clubs. In 2009 he started to experiment with Abelton to produce his own electronic music.At this point some informal tracks of his experiments originated, at first they remained unpublished. To carry out his scheme he used various social networks for promotion purposes, at last his first track „Modulator“ was published in spring 2014 by Heftys Label „Darker Sounds“. Soon further releases followed through Record Labels like Subwoofer Records and Toxic Recordings. Timao - Construction EP got released on Teksession Records and was remixed by not nameless artists like Tonikattitude, Klangtronik, Emir Hazir, Primal Beat. Further productions are in progress...