SE-TA is Japanese Techno Artist , DJ & Organizer. His highly “addictive” play jacks the floor to the spiral of craze and inculcate the party people. His play with a vision looking at the world attracts him and drives him to a high demand. SE-TA has been invited as a guest Dj to play amongst big name Djs both domestic and internationally at various clubs in Tokyo, other cities in Japan, And track is through his achievement he had claimed high appraisal from both in and out of Japan. SE-TA is organizes with the support of artists who had joined the party such as Speedy. J, GARY BECK, BECKERS, Mark Broom, Gabriel Ananda, Dj TONIO, and Japanese artists such as KENISHII, Q'hey, A. Mochi, HIDEO KOBAYASHI, YAMA, DJ Sodeyama, Dr. Shingo had helped him reclaim his techno roots. It is now certain that he is one of the artists who will create next generation of the Techno scene and acknowledged DJ/Producer/Organizer who needs to be watched out!!! Also his work as a Producer on Labels like B urnzzzz Records ,Bleack Pearl Music , Fish Records , FLU Records , Feierkind Rec. , TC Recordings & Oxytech Records becomes more and more notice in the Technoscene around the World !


Ministry Of Electro House Vol.20
Mastro Deejay, Marco Battagliero, John De Mark, Eric Tyrell, The Whiteliner, Natasha Burnett, Adam Jarell, Kid Shakers, Javi Ortiz, Midnight Beats, Vertical Smile, Luke Tolosan, Damien N-Drix, Daft Steve, LeksTone, Calabria, Kuchinke, Bayer, Ben Quarman, Ralph Daily, Danky Cigale, Mykel Mars, Mistow, Chad D, Andreas Ernst, Autarc, Funkystars, Dave Kurtis, Allen Alexis, Giuseppe Visciano, Walter Native, Jay Jacob, Hannover House Mafia, Dellmon, Laera, Fuiano, Dr. Kucho!, Funky Truckerz, Martin Brunelli, Mind24, Falke, Vogelbein, Halm, Witt, Jan Cooper, Dark Blonde Elektric, Goshi, Fabiana, Deba Montana, Plusculaar, Nico Dacido, Plus.escu, Ron Ractive, Schwarz, Vince, Franky Miller, Marc Systematic, DJ Chuggs, Nick Svenson, Simon D, Ilicris, Housegroover, Eric Powa B, Weisz, Florian Göttler, Marco Raineri, Teddy Sambuki, Vincenzo Ciotoli, Re-Tide, Taste Of Honey, Markanera, Nita, Christian Hard, D Lombardini, Tayler.d, Sergey Estek, Stoneman, Sam Greycious, Alexander Kvitta, Wellfox, Pen Perry, Paul Skutch, California Ave, Clemens Rumpf, David A. Tobin, Tobias Lenz, Aren Suarez, Maks, Gabriel Woods, Horny United, Watson, Creek, Andreas Thiessen, Michael Schendel, Leandro Costa, Brown Sugar, Bassfinder, Claudio Lari, Rico Ventura, LeksTone, Rene M Bieler, Kevin Hills, Nick Harvey, Chris Hauer, Giuseppe Visciano, Sean Finn, Lampenfieber, Different Language, Brennan, Donton, Whiteside, Deba Montana, Alfonso Padilla, Nogales, Minitronix, Kyzen, Florian Schmidt, Steve Masterson, Marco Furnari, Franky Miller, SE-TA, Knique, Stoneman, Zito, Dave Kurtis
Vinyl Loop Records | 2012-07-13