- Oscar Sanchez


This electronic music will come from far back in 2002 when he started buying vinyl. Since then he stopped buying new music and tinkering in his Akiyama dishes starting to play at local pubs and his people making himself known.
Known and common in the mountains of Toledo has played in venues such as Family Club (Feast Sublime), Area 42, Project, Sajoy and festivals in the area as Oasis Summer Festival, Conexion Fest, ElectroTech, acabose Electronic.
Since 2017 is organizer Always techno parties with System Efe. He has shared booth with names like Cristian Varela, Christian Wunsch, Kessell, Svreca, Pelacha, Elesbaan,Kessell, Kuroi, Nuke, Cesar Almena, HD Substance, Luis MF, Raul Parra, Roll Dann , Orbe, Peg, Xpansul, Yoikol ....... ..
In terms of production, he has published on labels such as THR Records, Black Bore Records, Maniacs Recod, Skandhas Records, Black Turtle Records, Lazuli Records, MTDN Audio records, Toxic Recordings, Shodan Records, Sulino Records, No Pain Records..... It has several launches pending for this 2019.Their sessions are marked by a strong but full of techno rhythm which reects your good taste when selecting music.
 Oscar Sanchez
( Always Techno / ROH - SIDE)