- Puncher


There are many versions about the God who is on profession. We like and want to believe that God - DJ ... This is a condition in which the heart begins fight differently, and it blows measured word «bpm» ... This that forces us to change their names on stage ... This is a profession, compared with which all other profession and related fate seems "Set on pause ... Apparently, some very similar ideas lead to that in 2005 the Ukrainian DJ Community appears dj Puncher, whose nickname - derived from his real name - Oleg Panchuk. Of course, until this point, fast electronic music was a constant soundtrack of everything in the life of Oleg, but becoming a DJ, he gets the opportunity to give everyone who come to the club, namely, that refuse people sleep at night is the meaning of life ... enough dj Puncher quickly becomes a permanent and welcome guest absolutely all nightclubs Chernivtsi and very a decent number of night clubs of the western regions Ukraine, and in the middle of 2006, Oleg invite become a resident night discos Travel Complex Cheremosh, where, gathering on weekends at party for 500-600 visitors, and he worked until spring of 2008, combining residency at the club with touring. In 2008, dj Puncher involved in almost all the international festivals held in the Western Ukrainian region, including: dedicated to the Day Independence of Ukraine and held in Chernivtsi «Independence Festival», in the first and second part of the summer hangar electronic music festival «West Ukranian Natural Selection »(Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivsk region.) «FreaksEight Session» («L'viv Techno Rave"), held in November of the same in 2008 in Lviv Exhibition Center "Lemberg". Also in November of 2008, dj Puncher - Resident dancefloor "Children of the Sun" on aftepati West-Ukrainian music conference («WUMC 2008" Lvov, night club «Picasso»). Throughout the summer 2008 Oleg has been very actively and effectively participate in a series of Saturday's party, held in suburban beach club «Aqua Beach Club», and which almost weekly, collected from a thousand toone and a half thousands of fans of the summer open- airs. At the moment Dj Puncher - one of the most popular representatives booking-sheet Agency's "Children Of The Sun", which cooperates with Oleg May 2008.And if you do not see any sense in life without the quick electronic music and campaigns such as you, friends, going to the best dance floor in town, you Believe me, if to a party, in line-ane which is name dj Puncher ...