- Coach


COACH is a Techno/Tech House DJ/Producer from Montreal, Canada. With a natural talent for beats and rhythm, and with 15 years of experience song matching and reading a crowd, COACH quickly became a household name among underground partiers in his home town of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Five years ago, COACH released his rst production titled “Moments Between”. Fast forward to today: he has two EPs with Antarctic Records of Germany. The rst, titled “Dystopian Future” & second “Enemy Within". He also has a third EP with Brazilian label DuoBox Records titled "SkatePunk". COACH has no plans of slowing down you can expect more and more new tracks.His fun and bouncy sets are body shaking and ground moving. Everytime he takes the stage his fans are ready to dance from beginning to end. He brings a new kind of variety to the scene by excelling in multiple genres including progressive house, tech house, and techno. COACH has found himself a league of loyal fans that continues to grow every time he steps up in front of a crowd. His passion for the music is clear, and the love he has for his fans is unparalleled. You can be sure that the name COACH will be heard passing through the crowd, from partier to partier, as he continues to move up the ladder of success.