- Sharee


My name is Haris Pekmez aka Sharee. I was born and raised in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). As in my teenage years i was interested in various styles of music. Inspired by the musical variety, i got in touch with electronic music scene in Germany in the 90's. At the time i slowely stared to be driven by energetic sounds, like Tech House and Techno. After my return back from Nürnberg to Sarajevo, i continued to follow the electronic music scene also in Sarajevo. For me, with that passion for music, Dj/ing and experimenting with musical tools was the natural path to follow in the 2000's. In 2016, i got into producing, mostly electronica, minimal and techno. My debut Comet 2099 was released under record label DeepDowndirty ( London, UK ). Searching for new perspectives in the industry, i decided to move further on, so now, i am living and working in Vienna, Austria. In the meantime, i signed with labels like Dopecodedtech ( Frankfurt, Germany ), Sound Kleckse ( Essen, Germany ) and Konsole Records ( Worms, Germany ).Most influencers in my working path were producers from the 90's. I would like to point out some from the Detroit pioneers like, Jay Denham, Blake Baxter, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and my favourite influencer, Richie Hawtin.Also, i joined the FJU: / community in Vienna, under which i am DJ/ing and promoting their vision of combining musical events and art together.