- Sharee


Born and raised in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). As in my teenage years I was soaked into various styles of music. Inspired by the musical variety back then and noticing new trends, I got in touch with electronic music scene in Germany in the 90's. At the time I emediately started to be driven by energetic sounds, like Tech House and Techno. For me, with that passion for music with high energy sounds, Dj/ing and experimenting with musical tools was the natural path to follow in year 2000. Experimenting with different styles of techno is my constant path and so far the sound was recognised by the labels like, Ushuaia, Pure Dope Digital, Polygon Rec, Trygonometrik, Society Music Recordings, SMR Underground, Sound Kleckse Records, Deepdowndirty, etc.. In Vienna I am also a resident DJ for the FJU: crew. Since 2018 working as A&R and producer for Pure Dope Digital record label, Frankfurt (GER) in the Techno genre.