- Chris Piks


Chris Piks (Krzysztof Klusek) born in 1985 in Warsaw. Dj and fresh determined producer constantly developing in his art. For ever in love to analog sounds and vinyl discs but crazy with combination in digital experiments. History with music begins in childhood and lasts until today... Always inspired by instrumental sounds, often so straight from the original nature or the synthetic mechanical industrial world. His debut was ,,Paragraph 51,, in 2003 - an old underground techno club in Warsaw same as ,,Locomotive,, and ,,Energy institute,, . In the following years, he visited different clubs in Poland and also in other countries as: Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and Bangkok. In fact, his Hard Techno style is created from a variety of music genres: Rave, Hard Rock, Instrumentals, Hard Trance, Hardstyle, Electro, Psychedelic, Tribals, Breaks and Minimal Techno. In big respect for Dave Clarke, Rebekah, Jeff Miles, Sven Väth, Chris Liebing and The Prodigy for their unique creating of electronic music, differently from the commercial world..