- Funkable


Funkable is a music project from Germany (more precisely from the beautiful city of the old Fritz: Potsdam) and has founded in 2010 by Rick Hawrda. The music is very especially and is a mix of many genres like Progressive to Psytrance & Techno. Influences from all over the world are reflected here and tempted to let go! Very early Rick was interested in music and spend almost his whole freetime to discover for the music. Meanwhile he does nothing more. What's behind all? How do I produce a track? All of these questions were in his mind and he knew soon – Psytrance! Awesome shit! His passion are the beats, the bass, the sounds – all united to a tactfulness of melody. Melody - what a handsome word! Funkable sounds different. Good different. You fall into trance and let yourself guided from the music. You wanna hear it again and again – becoming addicted! I'm your addiction. Let's be together addicted – to music, the melody.References: Polena Records, Antartic Records and Infinity-Tunes – more is coming soon!