- Himmelfahrt


Inspiration, imagination and a touch of lightness. The electrifying feeling when the beat is flowing through your veins for the first time. When your body moves to the rhythm and everything around is fading into a play of colors. These feelings had the group Himmelfahrt since early childhood and until this day it has not changed. They try to unite deep melodies with driving beats in order to create their own style. One day in heaven can be warm, sunny and blindingly bright. Just right to lie in the sun, dangling the arms and let the dreams fly. But one day in heaven can also be dark, cold and wet. Maybe there are thunder like the dull bass of techno. It can arise as lightning like a stroboscopes in a wet basement. This special mix reflect Himmelfahrt with their music.The love for electronic music strengthened from beat to beat and the imagination has no limitations. With a mix of melodic deep- techhouse they want to turn the people into dancing dreamers.Join them into another world ... their world.